Justin Bieber Proves He’s A Decent Guy By Hitting Someone With A Truck

Justin Bieber in a black hoodie and sunglasses exiting a car.

Justin Bieber | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Last week, we learned that Justin Bieber was barred from performing in Beijing, China, with an official proclamation on a government website. Days later, the news broke that he had canceled all of his remaining tour dates, due to “unforeseen circumstances,” according to his website.

Now, Bieber is making headlines once again, for a negative incident that simultaneously paints him in a good light. Late on Wednesday, July 26, Bieber hit a member of the paparazzi with his car. He then followed all of the proper procedures for making sure the man was safe before leaving.

Bieber was leaving City Church in Beverly Hills when he accidentally struck a photographer at the end of the driveway, according to People. The pop star then got out of his car and approached the man. He stayed with him until the paramedics were on the scene. Bieber also gave a statement to the police, according to TMZ.

Fortunately, the victim’s injuries appeared to be minimal. In fact, the man, who goes by “Shotgetter,” spoke out after the fact. He said that Bieber is “compassionate” and “a good kid.”

In the video, shared on his Instagram account, he noted that as he was waiting for X-rays. At the time of posting, it was just an hour until his birthday on Thursday, July 27. But he remained in pleasant spirits.

Bieber’s late night at church might not surprise those who follow him closely. The singer has always been a religious person, ending his recent apology to fans by saying “have a blessed day.”

In fact, initial reports regarding the tour’s cancellation said that Bieber had “rededicated his life to Christ.” However, the man himself adamantly denies this, continuing to cite exhaustion from constant touring.

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