Justin Bieber: Bad Boy Behavior Brings Beijing Ban

Justin Bieber in a yellow hoodie pointing and singing into a microphone with a crowd of fans behind him.

Justin Bieber | Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for iHeart

Apparently it’s too late for Justin Bieber to say “Sorry.” The trouble-making Canadian pop singer is currently touring Asia. But he won’t be allowed to perform in Beijing, China.

According to The New York Times, an official statement was issued on the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture’s website regarding the star. This came in response to a questioning fan.

From the statement:

Justin Bieber is a gifted singer, but he is also a controversial young foreign singer … In order to maintain order in the Chinese market and purify the Chinese performance environment, it is not suitable to bring in badly behaved entertainers … We hope that as Justin Bieber matures, he can continue to improve his own words and actions, and truly become a singer beloved by the public.

According to CNN, Bieber had scheduled tour dates for Sept. 16 and 23, in Beijing and Shanghai, respectively. However, according to the singer’s own website, no concert is scheduled for the first date, and he will be performing in Tokyo on the second one.

The Chinese government has their reasons for barring Bieber. The celebrity has come under fire on multiple occasions for his insensitive actions. A video of Bieber skateboarding through a mall in Beijing during his Believe tour was posted on YouTube. And he showed disrespect when he was carried by his bodyguards up the Great Wall of China during that same trip. So it’s likely in response to incidents like these that Bieber is barred from performing there.

The “What Do You Mean?” singer is no stranger to controversy. He has faced legal charges for vandalism, assault, and driving under the influence.

But the album, Purpose, for which he’s touring, has been thought of as an apology to the masses. And it seems as though he’s working to make amends. Still, it looks like it takes a lot more than a concert performance to make up for his past indiscretions. At least, as far as China is concerned.

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